Tommy Schmitt


Musical Background:

I started playing bass at the age of 12, playing along to everything I heard on the radio or taped on my cassett recorder. My very first Bassline was “Owner of a broken heart” by YES. After some years of practicing I started to discover all these styles of music, that make the bassplayer: Jazz, Funk, Crossover … and then METAL! :-) It is by far the most intense style of music to express yourself as an instrumentalist (beside classical music), or to say it in the words of Paul Gilbert: “The more physical power you put into your instrument, the more fun it is!”.

RED CIRCUIT, ZEUS, Q-Squad, Fracture, etc. and a lot of session playing for different artists.

WARWICK Streamer Stage I (the good one from 1986 :-)
ESH Souvereign V
TRABEN Torrent V
SWR MoBass Amp
SWR Megoliath 8×10″
WARWICK 4×10″ + 1×15″ Stack
TECH 2×12″
Korg Racktuners
Nady/Sennheiser/DB Wireless-Systems
SKB Cases (the one and only!)

Main influences as a bassplayer:
Hard to say, there are so many … but to name the most important: Billy Sheehan, Steve Harris, Geezer Butler, Marcus Miller, Stu Hamm, Mark King, Tony Levin and Geddy Lee. And of course LEMMY!!!!!!!!!!

Main influences as a musician:
Even harder to say! I love all kinds of music and honestly there are only a very few bands or artists that influenced me, and the majority is not rock or metal :-) I can say that artists like Peter Gabriel, Mark Knopfler, Kate Bush, Roger Waters or Steve Vai have a big amount on my point of view about making and producing music. To name the most important bands for my musical developement in rock’n’roll I can name the early Iron Maiden, Motörhead, Metallica, Queen, Queensryche, Black Sabbath, Machine Head, Pantera, Testament, Pink Floyd, early Genesis and Rush.