The Band / Bio

Red-Circuit_The-BandRED CIRCUIT are the perfect example of a band whose result is the sum of its individual parts. Or, to transfer a mathematical formula to the rock music world: world class vocalist plus brilliant instrumentalists equals a great band. And there is no hesitation in describing RED CIRCUIT as such, as their previous albums, “Trance State” (2006) and “Homeland” (2009) impressively proved. The finely balanced mixture of technically classy power metal, refined progressive rock and a cleverly inwoven mainstream attitüde, which serve to make the songs so memorable has been praised for years, and not only by the music press, but also by an ever-growing hoard of fans. Their third studio album, “Haze Of Nemesis” is now on the start line, ready to burst on the world with powerful guitar riffs, symphonic keyboard parts and superb vocals.

In 2014 RED CIRCUIT still comprises of the trusted formation of frontmann Chity Somapala (ex Firewind & Avalon), guitarist Chris Moser, bass player Tommy Schmitt and keyboarder Markus Teske, who wrote the new songs and also produced “Haze Of Nemesis”. Teske’s references: In the past he has worked with such prestigious names as Vanden Plas, Symphony X, Neal Morse, Saga and Ian Parry’s Consortium Project. New amongst RED CIRCUIT, but already a firm member of the band is drummer Michael Stein, who places his own stamp on the new tracks with his impressive drumming. Stein joined the ranks three years ago, after Vanden Plas drummer Andreas Lill had helped out at several shows, standing in for Andy Klein who had left the band. It is in this sparkling formation that RED CIRCUIT have produced a great new album, which, on the one hand, touches on the stylistic directives of its two predecessors and, on the other, opens up new horizons. “Haze Of Nemesis” was no simple process because we truly checked every single one of the songs with great ambition”, explains keyboarder Markus Teske the long break between “Homeland” and “Haze Of Nemesis”. “It’s always a difficult and exhausting process, but at the end it pays off, because every change and every new idea pushed the songs to a new level.”

Teske is speaking, for example, about the opener, ‘Oceans Apart’, which is about the estrangement of two people. Actually the majority of songs on “Haze Of Nemesis” have problems in relationships as their subjects, so the entire spectrum of love, hate, doubt, misunderstandings, infidelity, abuse, mistruse etc. “As far as the lyrics go, “Haze Of Nemesis”, as is usually the case for us, is about the madness of the world but this time more as a microcosom, that is, at a personal level. I cannot deny that some lyrics touch on personal events”, Teske explains.

In ‘Lonely Heaven’, for example, one hears a kind of schizotic way out of a world full of darkness and loneliness. A similar scenario can be found in ‘Worlds Will Collide’, in which Amanda Somerville (Avantasia) can be heard as guest vocalist. The oldest song on “Haze Of Nemesis” is ‘Spear Of Fate’. Teske: “It’s a song which was left over from the “Homeland” session, one which I had written back in 2004. So it needed ten years before it was musically and lyrically perfect enough to suit “Haze Of Nemesis”.” The most difficult birth was, according to Teske, the closing epos. ‘My Serenade’, the almost ten minute long, symphonic final bouquet of this diverse album. “We had long discussions whether a weighty track such as that is still suitable for an album these days or whether, on the other hand, it was time and an absolute must for a progressive rock band like us to write an epic song.” Without wishing to precurse the verdict of the fans we can only say that fortunately the pros for this track outweighed the cons.

So we now need only to mention that there will be a videoclip to ‘Oceans Apart’, one which was filmed at the RED CIRCUIT show which was part of the ‘Rock Meets Reggae Festival’ in Colombo, Sri Lanka in Februar 2014. Teske: “It was a huge affair, and there was everything you could ever want or need. The show was filmed using twelve HD cameras, even with a camera helicopter. It was the first time I’d ever seen one of those in action.” So the table has been laid, “Haze Of Nemesis” is on the plate, the intensive production cookery has paid off and the fans are getting what they were hoping for – namely an album of musical class and high nutritional, artistic value.