Support your band, not the distributors !!!

We all know, music business - and specially metal music business - suffers from a very bad disease:
Everybody gets a pay, but not the musician! The big distributors just pay ridiculous cent amounts
for downloads and CD sales.

YOU can make a change!

Usually bands get a certain amount of CDs for the same purchase price as the distributors.
So when the bands sell the CDs in their own Web-Shop or when the play live, the band receives the
WHOLE profit margin, not just a few Cent!!!

So please: Order CDs or T-Shirts directly from the band’s web-shop or buy your gear when they play live!
Support them directly so they can further on produce and publish music, preferably free and independent
from the music industry. Every Cent you can avoid to spend in conventional distribution channels,
goes directly to the band and allows new CD and Video productions, merchandise, concerts and touring!!!


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