Markus Teske


Musical Background:
My roots are a mixture of classical stuff (my mother’s a classical piano teacher) on one side and rock, metal and blues on the other side.

Since my mother’s born 1930 she was not too much amused about my ambitions to the other side… Anyway, I always loved the power of bands like AC/DC and was so impressed by the unique harmonic structures of bands like Saga. The same time my career as soundengineer and producer began to grow and ever since then I had the chance to work with bands like Vanden Plas, Saga, Ian Parry, Dominici, Weissglut, Mob Rules, Symphony-X, Patrick Rondat, Spock’s Beard among many others. So you might consider this as part of my roots as well…

I don’t want to mention my earlier bands or projects since the only band that counts to me today is RED CIRCUIT. Ok, one exeption to that rule are the amazing Nize Boyz , feel free google for them. I influenced, played and sang on a lot of my customers album’s, far too much to mention them all. Have a look on my clients list on

I always been into Korg Synthesizers, so my main synth is still a Triton. Nowadays I fumble a lot with VST-instruments and and I love Philharmonic and stuff like that. It seems that these tools opened a new world to me and beared my classical demon… And by the way, I’m a endorser of Motu-gear, variphone In-Ear products and Red Stuff custom guitar amps.

Main influences:
Saga, Christina Aguilera, AC/DC, Dio, En Vogue, Symphony-X, Giacomo Puccini. Funny mixture, isn’t it ? Did I tell you that I love great voices ?  That’s why I’m so happy to have Chity on the leadvox. But who’s the main influence on my way to play keyboards ? Honestly said, I don’t have a clue. There are a lot of great players out there, but did they influence me? I really don’t know, eventually Jim Gilmour of Saga.