It’s done! “Haze Of Nemesis” Release Date: October 24, 2014

The long-awaited third album “Haze Of Nemesis” will be released on October 24, 2014 via Limb Music/Soulfood.

We really appologize to you, our fans, that it took almost 5 years to bring this album to an end, but we think it was worth waiting.

Haze Of Nemesis was no simple process because we truly checked every single one of the songs with great ambition. It’s always a difficult and exhausting process, but at the end it pays off, because every change and every new idea pushed the songs to a new level.

An absolute highlight on Haze Of Nemesis is the duet of Chity with Amanda Somerville on “Worlds Will Collide”, another fine ballade written by Markus Teske.

Beside the studio album with 10 powerful and intense tracks, you will find a full concert DVD of our show at the Prog Power XII USA festival. As a bonus, we put the video of “Oceans Apart” on the DVD, based on live footage we shot during our fabulous show in Sri Lanka in February 2014. Big hug and THANK YOU to our Sri Lankan Fans and all who made this trip happen!

So here is the tracklist of Haze Of Nemesis:

Oceans Apart
My Lonely Heaven
Believing A Lie
Digging In The Dirt
Worlds Will Collide (duet with Amanda Somerville)
Spear Of Fate
Serpents Smile
Silent Roaring
Haze Of Nemesis
My Serenade
Soldier Of Fortune (Bonustrack)