Here we go again!

Some of you legitimately wonder why there were now further updates about Red Circuit after publishing “Haze Of Nemesis” in December 2014. No further news, no live show announcements, and so on. Unfortunately we had to take a forced brake in any band activities.

In February our bass player Tommy suffered from a so called idiopathic sudden sensorineural hearing loss on the left ear. After a week in hospital and some weeks of outpatient treatment little improvements happened step by step. In March Tommy decided to take a break of all musical activities to come clean with this new situation and to wait and see about the development of the hearing loss, and so did Red Circuit.

Now, after 5 months of rest, Tommy gave us the signal „I’m back on track!“. Unfortunately the rest didn’t turn out as the big success awaited, the loss of hearing did’t turn back as expected, but the condition of his ear is stable and he really got accustomed to the situation. Tommy: “It’s amazing how your brain can compensate missing audio information. My right ear still works absolutely perfect, so the brain has a very good alignment for the left ear. By constantly training certain hearing situations – upfront stereo speakers, with over-ear headphones, with earplugs, rockmusic, classic music, jazz music, single dominant instruments like violins, horns or classic guitar, I finally improved the way, how my brain interpretes and processes the audio signal I am hearing. So I’ll keep on rockin!”

So here we go again! In the next days we’ll inform you about the next steps and activities that will take action to bring Red Circuit back to stage or studio, or whatever!!!